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Acts of the Apostles 5:27-33
Psalm 34:2 & 9, 17-18, 19-20
John 3:31-36
The Feeding of the Multitude is a particularly important Gospel as it is found in all
four Gospels. Jesus expects the disciples to feed the crowd and they are per-
plexed and see this as an impossible task until Jesus performs his miracle of tak-
ing the five barley loaves and two fish and feeds the people with abundance.
This is an important Gospel in the fact that it is found in all four Gospels. I believe
it is important because it is about Eucharist, the sharing of a meal with Jesus.
Throughout Jesus˅ ministry the theme of a shared meal is a reoccurring event:
the marriage feast at Cana, the sharing of meals with the ostracized of society,
the Last Supper.
If we reflect on our own lives we see that important events very often take place
around a meal: Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, weddings, birthday celebra-
tions, even funerals. Maybe one of the most important dinners in our personal
lives is the family dinner. In my family this was a set time every day and even if
we were playing with our friends when we heard the call for dinner, we all
stopped and headed home. I can remember my parents with my brother and sis-
ters sitting around the dinner table talking about the things that happened in our
day. We did not think this to be very important at the time, only that it was the
rule of the house so we were there.
This is not unlike Jesus with the 12
apostles, sitting at dinner discussing
their day together. What better setting
than to be sharing a meal with close
friends and discussing the problems
of the day and sharing each other˅s
thoughts and ideas, just faith sharing.