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Acts of the Apostles 25: 13B-21
Psalm 103: 1-2, 11-12, 19-20AB
John 21:15-19
Jesus asked Peter 3 times, do you love me?
This reminds us of the 3 times that Peter denied Jesus. Like Peter,
we feel horrible when we fail because of our humanity. When the 2
friends conversed, Peter must have felt guilty, but Jesus did not dwell
on the past. Peter loved Jesus even when he failed and Jesus knew
that Peter loved him. Jesus told Peter to ˈfeed his lambs, tend his
sheep, and feed his sheep.ˉ That was a big job handed over to Pe-
ter. We are also called to follow Jesus˅ command. Even though Pe-
ter denied him 3 times and lost faith many times, Jesus chose Peter
to continue his work. Like Peter, human and sinners, Jesus calls us to
tend to his sheep.
We all want to be loved and
hear the words ˈI love you.ˉ
The discourse between the 2
friends is an example of a true
and loving relationship. The
kind of deep love that Jesus
had for Peter and us is an un-
conditional love that seeks the
good of the other person and is
willing to make sacrifices for