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1 Samuel 16:1-13
Psalm 89:20, 21-22, 27-28
Mark 2:23-28
Jesus Christ reminds us all of the true nature of religion.
In a homely scene in the countryside, Jesus‘ disciples are idly plucking grain
from wheat as they walk with Him. Some nearby Pharisees are scandalized, say-
ing the disciples are breaking God’s law by “harvesting” on the Sabbath. In one
short sentence, Jesus reveals the true nature of religion: “ the Sabbath was made
for man, not man for the Sabbath.“
It is not in the prayers that we say, the rosaries we recite, the Masses we cele-
brate, as good as they are, in which our faith consists. Rather, it is in being
aware of the bountiful presence of God - in the world, in others, in ourselves.
Christ’s revelation of God as our deeply loving Father alerts us to the good-
ness, the godliness, all around us. Despite its imperfections, the world is good.
Despite our imperfections, even our sinfulness, we are good. Made in His image,
we are lovable and loving. In fact, it is the very imperfection of the world that
challenges us to become co-creators with Him in making our world more His
How do we do this? There is a
familiar slogan today: WWJD? -
What Would Jesus Do? I think our
faith looked at more deeply asks
something else of us: what should I
do? For God has gifted each of us
as His daughters and sons, and
calls each one of us to be the full
complete person He created. Our