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2 Samuel 11:1-4A, 5-10A, 13-17
Psalm 51:3-4, 5-6A, 6BCD-7, 10-11
Mark 4:26-34
Although we may pray from a place of smallness and humility, planting our
wholeness with the Lord reaps an endless harvest of grace and tranquility.
At first glance, the reading from the Book of Samuel is a startling account of
adultery and the stripping of one man’s honor for another. However, upon
deeper reflection, it appears that we are called to pause, gain a different per-
spective, and marvel at the beauty of God’s creation rather than be blinded and
distracted by our daily duties.
In the responsorial psalm, prostrating ourselves before the Lord with all our fail-
ings – yet deep worthiness – we recognize the call from our God and ask for
mercy along the way.
How might we know that God’s
grace is on the other end should
we choose the path of the Lord?
In Mark’s gospel, Jesus admits
that the path is a mysterious one,
similar to a farmer who scatters
seed, not fully knowing if anything
will come to bear, but believing
there will be enough for his own
family and enough to sell. Bit by
bit, from sprout to harvest, per-
haps enduring some storms along
the way, the farmer comes to the
point of harvest, marveling in the