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Lent Weekday
Jeremiah 7:23-28
Psalm 95:1-2, 6-7, 8-9
Like 11:14-23
Jeremiah concretely describes what being in relationship with the Lord
is and is not like. The Psalmist sings about of the beauty that unfolds
in us when we are in right relationship with the Lord. After Jesus
drives out a demon that was mute, he lays bare the stark choice of
belief that we face every day.
Have you ever wondered what a close relationship with God looks
like? All our readings today dwell on this question.
Jeremiah is very clear. "Listen to My
voice; then I will be your God and you
shall be my people". This is the heart of
what it means to be obedient, and God
wants us to love Him and lovingly listen
and respond to Him. God promises
abundance to those who, when He calls,
answer Him. Do we believe this? Do we
know this to be true in our own experi-
If we don't, Jeremiah has some further
questions for us and they are harsh. Are
our hearts hard? Have we turned our
backs and not our faces to God? Are our