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Lenten Weekday
Genesis 17:3-9
Psalm 105:4-5, 6-7, 8-9
John 8:51-59
In this reading there is controversy between Jesus and the Jews. Jesus reveals
to show he is God. In doing so, he causes deep confusion and anger
among the Jews.
Sometimes in life we are stunned by the unexpected. A loved one is diagnosed
with a chronic or terminal illness rendering a
life out of reach, a child dies
suddenly despite the adherence to safe practices to prevent it, a young person
takes his/her own life leaving a family and community without answers. When vis-
ited by the unpredictable it seems impossible that we will overcome our anger
and fear. These harsh lessons teach us that we are not in charge of our destiny,
even as we try so lovingly to protect and provide. God
How can we learn to live with the mysteries of life? How can we deepen our faith?
Can we understand the message of Jesus and believe he is God?
This reading reveals the anger and mis-
trust of the Jews toward Jesus. In John
8:31-47, we read about Jesus address-
ing those who believed in him. He says
to them, ˈyou will know the truth and the
truth will set you freeˉ. A dispute ensues
about the descent from Abraham with
whom Yahweh entered into the first
When Jesus says that those who keep
his word will not taste death, the crowd
becomes enraged. They cannot believe