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Monday of Holy Week
Isaiah 42:1-7
Psalm 27:1, 2, 3, 13-14
John 12:1-11
These readings have a commonality in their message about who Jesus is and who His
followers are. Jesus came to bring justice, compassion, and freedom for all, especially
the oppressedˁˈTo open the eyes of the blind, to bring the prisoners out of confine-
ment, and from the dungeon those who live in darknessˉ. Mary, sister of Lazarus and
Martha, mentors us in responding to Jesus˅ message of radical love and liberation.
The message of Jesus is shocking. Rather than condemnation, he brings restoration. In-
stead of retribution, he brings grace. He takes the weak and disenfranchised, and rather
than placing heavy burdens upon them, he gently dignifies. He protects the broken-
hearted. This is our calling as well, as His followers. Who among us is suffering? Who is
lonely? Who feels unwelcome? These must be our priority. These must be our precious
ones, because they are His precious ones. Freely we have received, let us freely give.
Mary, who experienced Jesus˅ astonishing
grace and acceptance, teaches us how to re-
spond to Him. She is not concerned with so-
cial niceties or with what is ˈproperˉ for her as
a woman. She worships Him recklessly. Many
view her devotion and extravagant worship as
inappropriate. She is foolish in their eyes. She
is impractical. What hinders us from respond-
ing to grace like Mary didˁwith reckless
abandon? Whose voices of condemnation do
we fear? Is our own practicality hindering our
Judas Iscariot voices what many who wit-
nessed the scene were perhaps thinkingˁ
Why was this oil not sold for three hundred
days' wages and given to the poor?" In other
words: ˈWhat a waste. Who does she think
she is, throwing away money so recklessly?ˉ