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Easter Vigil
Mark 16:1-7
The Lord saved Israel from the Egyptians, by parting the seas. In Romans we are
reminded to think of ourselves as being dead to sin and living for God in Christ
Jesus. Mary Magdalene, Mary, and Salome go to the tomb to anoint Jesus and
find that he has been raised.
6 weeks. 45 days. Our journey during this Lenten season is concluding. It may
have been a personal journey, one as a family, as a spouse, as a friend, or one
as a community. On this eve of conclusion ready to begin anew, I am reminded
of the many tough journeys or paths that we are forced to face throughout our
lives. In these cases, along with our Lenten journey, we can map the themes of
faith, rebirth, and resurrection as presented in our readings today from Exodus,
Romans, and Mark as stages along the way.
Is it not true that with every new road we are forced to that decision point, that
fork in the road, where we must decide to have faith and move forward or live in
fear and remain stagnant? Moses and the Israelites were forced to make this de-
cision without contemplation. In their time of need they took the leap to trust the
Lord, and as is always the case, were greatly rewarded for their faith.
As we prepare to enter into or renew our baptism, the reading from Romans re-
minds us of the criti-
cal role that our
Lenten journey plays
in this step. During
the last six weeks we
have been embracing
Christ˅s death by
growing in union with
him through our own
death. As with every