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Friday of the Twenty-ninth Week in Ordinary Time
Ephesians 4:1-6
Psalm 24: 1-2, 3-4 ab, 5-6
Luke 12: 54-59
In our reading from Ephesians, Paul encourages unity in Christ in a spirit of humility,
gentleness, patience, love and peace. One in the Spirit, we share a great call bestowed
on us at Baptism. In our Psalm, we are encouraged to yearn to see the face of God.
And, in our Gospel, we are invited to read our times in order to keep the Gospel of Jesus
Christ alive in our world today.
On Friday, September 21st, I happened into the Holy Family Bookstore to do a little
shopping. Just as I arrived, Bettie Byer issued an invitation I simply could not resist.
She insisted that I join her in climbing to the roof of the Pastoral Center to look up to the
sky to see the passing of the space shuttle Endeavor. All of the Holy Family school chil-
dren gathered in the playground for a ˈfire drillˉ at which point Carolyn Strong announced
that a special event was about to occur. She told the childrenˁour next generation of
Church and scientistsˁto look to the sky for this sign of the times.
From this rooftop perch, I had a most amazing spiritual experienceˎone that relates di-
rectly to today˅s readings. When the Endeavor came into view, perched high on the
back for a Boeing 747, it moved very slowly. To its left and right, were two chase
planes. And, as the Endeavor passed over our Church on its way to JPL in order that the
extended NASA family could pay its final respects and bid a final farewell, I could not
help but feel that I was witnessing a Christian funeral. It was as if the Endeavor was en-
tering the church of its creation, and the side-by-side planes were in respectful com-
pany as regal pallbearers. The sight was filled with heroic majesty. I almost broke into
the resounding refrain from On Eagles Wings, a favorite tune at so many memorial ser-
Not long after the Endeavor bid farewell to its JPL family, we too waved and screamed
words of congratulations as the Endeavor passed us a second time. It was as if the En-
deavor was leaving the Church after this farewell, on its way to its final resting place in
Los Angeles. One could not help but proclaim, ˈJob well done, faithful Endeavor.ˉ For
over 20 years, this noble spaceship had taken us to and from the International Space
Station. Named after James Cooks˅ ship, the Endeavor was vital in helping our astro-
nauts rendezvous in space as we explored the Universe with global teams of talented