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The all are Welcome Task force seeks to help Holy Family Church live out its mission of being “a welcoming Eucharistic community of disciples of Jesus Christ” and its ecclesiology of “All Are Welcome” in three main ways:

  1. by leading efforts to evaluate the current parish climate regarding welcome
  2. by establishing a permanent entity at Holy Family to encourage, implement, and oversee welcoming  strategies and structures to be implemented in every part of the community’s organization, and
  3. by providing support and educational programming grounded in faith for parishioners, school community members, and staff while structures are developed.

Click here to read the proposal.

For more information email us:  AllAreWelcome@holyfamily.org

Membership includes: Jamie Garza (Co-Chair), Joan Ervin (Co-Chair), Vianney Truong, Diana Hanger, Elli Heffery, Suzette Mason, Liz Aceves, Dawn Ponnet, Fr. Andrew Hedstrom, Judi Melgoza-Marx, and Joseph Manahan

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