We go through life taking moments one at a time as they come to us, oftentimes focusing on the small things and forgetting the big picture. We may find we only stop to reflect on the plan for our life when we face a fork in the road or a major crisis.

Jesus says “I am the way, and the truth, and the life.” (John 14:6). Here at Holy Family, we believe that Jesus has the big picture for life. He knows the way. He IS the way, our way!

We also believe that following Jesus in the Church should be simple. Sometimes it’s hard to know: What’s most important? What’s the bigger picture? Where do I start? What is next? Where do I fit? Who are my people?

We want to make the path simple and clear. 

We believe every person deserves a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ. This is the first step. Once you Discover Jesus, you’ll be invited to start following Him and growing as His disciple. Eventually, He’ll invite you to start serving in ministry and mission. This is called the Pathway of Discipleship. We call the four steps on the path: Discover, Encounter, Celebrate and Proclaim

That’s also why we created the Pathway. Think of it as a roadmap for your faith journey, the Church, and life. 

Characteristics of a Missionary Disciple

PrayerA person of prayer who has an intimate relationship with God. They listen, discern and respond to God’s will, with the aim for continuous Spiritual growth.

Sacramental LifeA fully initiated Catholic member of the church who is a practicing Catholic, engaged in the sacramental life of the church and committed to the community of the faithful.

KnowledgeA life-long learner of the teachings and traditions of the Church and scripture.

LivingUsing Gifts & Fruits of the Holy Spirit, in service to others, they model their life after Jesus Christ in need of continuous conversion, sharing their faith story and life of Jesus with confidence.

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