“Your Word is a lamp for my feet, a light for my path” – Psalm 119

Let us be your anchor to faith…

Little Rock Bible Study

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Topic: Bible Study
Time: This is a recurring meeting Meets on Wednesdays at 7:00pm  

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Once again our Bible study will be using the the Little Rock Scripture Study. There are two books available for this session, The Gospel According to Mark Part One and Part Two. Be sure to pick up the book from Holy Family Bookstore and read chapter one before our first session.

Wednesday, January 10, Book One, Lesson One, Mark 1, Book, pages 11-26*

Wednesday, January 17, Book One, Lesson Two , Mark 2-3, Book, pages 27-42*

Wednesday, January 24, Book One, Lesson Three, Mark 4-5, Book, pages 43-58

Wednesday, January 31, Book One, Lesson Four, Mark 6-7, Book, pages 59-74*

Wednesday, February 7, Book One, Lesson Five, Mark 8:1-9:32, Book, pages 75-89

No session on Valentine’s Day

Wednesday, February 21, Book Two, Lesson One, Mark 9:33-10:52, Book, pages 11-28*

No Session on February 28, we will go to the Parish Retreat instead

Wednesday, March 6, Book Two, Lesson Two, Mark 11-12 Book, pages 29-44

Wednesday, March 13, Book Two, Lesson Three, Mark 13-14 Book, pages 45-66*

Wednesday, March 20, Book Two, Lesson Four, Mark 15-16 Book, pages 67-89*


Mission Statement:  To make disciples of Jesus Christ in our communities through caring, prayerful, in-depth Bible study, available to all.

The Holy Scripture is the Word of God to us. But prayers are the words of men. How do prayers then get into the Bible? Let us make no mistake about it, the Bible is the Word of God even in the Psalms. If we want to read and to pray the prayers of the Bible and especially the Psalms, therefore, we must not ask first what they have to do with us, but what they have to do with Jesus Christ. We must ask how

As our Bible study group looked at the book of Baruch, we learned that as Baruch was speaking to his people about their social sin. Each one of the members of our Bible study selected a social sin for today. After our session each one of the Bible study members wrote an intercessory prayer about that social sin. Below are the prayers.  This exercise allowed the word of God to roll down the ages making the word of God alive in our lives.

Heavenly Father. I praise and thank you for my life and health. Lord my heart is heavy with our social sin of abortions. So many reasons are accepted in order to make this sin possible. I pray to you for all mothers who are alone. I pray you will be merciful and forgive them. I also pray for the aborted babies. I pray for your mercy and love.

Dear God forgive me for violating my body. Dear God the pleasures of the body defiled the spirit of my soul. Please God forgive me and purify my body and soul. I give myself to you forever, and with your forgiveness my body and soul will be purified and I am again your innocent child.

Lord have mercy on us, forgive our greed. Forgive us for wanting more than you have generously blessed us with. Forgive us for not relying on you enough. Forgive our ingratitude. May we turn to you in humility and gratitude and thank you for all we have and be filled with the desire not for money or objects or power but for wisdom and knowledge and the blessing and gifts that only you can provide.

Dear God, I asked for forgiveness for the sin of profit in war making. For with war the profits are made on the blood of the poor. May we learn to build peace and find profit in food production, and building safe buildings and cities and education for all.

Jesus I ask through the intercession of mother Mary to give discernment to those who need to think about chastity and purity of body mind and soul. I asked that people pray before wearing obscene clothing so that they might be mindful of their souls and your divine wishes. In Jesus holy name I pray

Dear Lord, Forgive us for centering our lives on our possessions and comfort and give us the wisdom to recenter our lives on your wishes.

Lord God do not condemn us for the lack of understanding but to open our eyes and ears to have better understanding for others and keep us from judging them for you are the only judge.

Upcoming Bible Studies:

Thanks to everyone who helped us make decisions regarding the choices for our Bible Study!

Watch this space for the session dates and other important information.

Any questions please call Dawn Ponnet at (626)403-6128 dponnet@holyfamily.org

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