Over the past few months, the donations which many of you generously gave to honor Msgr. Connolly on his retirement have been helping to improve our Church building.

In August, the pew kneelers were replaced. You probably have noticed that the new kneelers are spring-loaded, which means that not only do the kneelers no longer come down with such force, but it is much quieter putting them up and down, especially at the Our Father!

We have also invested in a new sound system for the Church. After a few Sundays of inconsistency and unevenness, have you noticed that that you are now surrounded and enveloped by the sound of our choirs and cantors? It has taken several weeks to install and test the new system which is like an incredibly complex organism with many parts.

What are the benefits of the new system?

· The new mixing console gives greater control and flexibility for our variety of liturgies and events. It has improved signal processing for more clarity from our wide range of readers and speakers, from the children at student masses, to family members at weddings and funerals, to our Priests and lectures.
· The additional speaker system allows our music to surround and envelope the assembly, encouraging participation and enhancing choral and ensemble music. The sound on the videos of our Masses and events will benefit as well.
· Better control of our video projection system in the Church.
· We will be able to use the organ more often as the new system allows monitoring of the main organ from the front Choir area, and as well as providing the organ to those listening in the vestibules of the church.

Thank you to all of you who so generously donated to the Msgr. Clement J. Connolly Fund. The fund is allowing us to continue to grow and take advantage of new technology to enhance our worship experience.

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