April 2021

Dear Parishioners,

Did you know that Holy Family is a Fair Trade Congregation? In fact, our church was one of the first congregations in the nation to receive this official designation from Fair Trade Campaigns.

The significant achievement stems directly from the tireless work of Parish Life Director, Cambria Tortorelli, who has long championed fair trade practices at Holy Family, alongside others in our church community who share her passion. Ahead of her upcoming transition from Holy Family, the Fair Trade Ministry and Environmental Ministry wish to recognize and honor several of Cambria’s accomplishments here in our parish and in the broader fair trade community.

Co-founding of Fair Trade LA. The organization began in 2005 when Cambria and four others gathered to discuss ways to broaden and deepen awareness of fair trade in Los Angeles and surrounding communities. Their dream was that consumers would come to understand and value how a new way of thinking and acting can directly improve the lives of farmers, workers, and artisans around the globe. Today, Los Angeles is the largest fair trade city in North America and fourth largest in the world.

Supporting Fair Trade and the Environment. Cambria’s leadership led to the launch of the Environmental Ministry, which actively partners with the Fair Trade Ministry to put the values of Catholic social teaching into action here in South Pasadena and beyond. Fair trade facilitates living wages and good working conditions for our brothers and sisters who produce the products we buy, and at the same time, protects our Earth’s precious natural resources.

Support to Extend Our Fair Trade Reach. Holy Family’s longstanding commitment to fair and equitable trade practices is evident in our Holy Family Bookstore, where an abundance of unique, handmade fair trade goods and food items are available for purchase. Holy Family also uses fair trade coffee and supplies at all Continental Breakfasts and other community events. Choosing fair trade products whenever possible enables us to maintain our status as a Fair Trade Congregation, indicating that fair trade products and practices are incorporated throughout our parish community.

Cambria is a clear example of how “sharing your hopes and dreams with others can lead to change,” said Joan Harper, co-founder and board member of Fair Trade LA. “She took her early passion and later brought fair trade ideas to the church as Parish Life Director. Now there is a Fair Trade Ministry, incredible fair trade products used and sold, and the church has earned the national designation as a Fair Trade Congregation.”

Because of Cambria, our local community and our entire metropolitan area has pursued a vision of economic justice for all workers. Thank you, Cambria, for modeling ethical choices that affirm the sanctity of human life and for reminding us that every person is a beloved child of God.

In Prayerful Solidarity,

Holy Family Fair Trade Ministry and Environmental Ministry

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