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Mission Statement
The mission of the Filipino Catholic Association is to foster a spirit of fellowship and togetherness in prayer among its members, be mindful of preserving Filipino culture for future generations, and provide spiritual and financial support to those in need.


  • Various activities to accomplish these goals include:
    When volunteer resources are available, participate in Parish activities and programs such as the Ministry Fair, the Giving Bank’s Adopt-A-Family Christmas program, and possibly the Parish Fall Festival.
  • Participation in a Block Rosary Prayer Service, every 2nd and last Sunday of each month, hosted by various families throughout the year.

    FCA Working Group
  • Celebration of Filipino feasts with Mass followed by a reception:
    o Divine Mercy, held on the Sunday after Easter
    o Simbang Gabi, honoring the Nativity in the Advent season
    o Santo Nino, honoring the Holy Infant
    o Filipino saints San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila and San Pedro Calungsod de Cebu
  • First Friday Mass and Healing Services with the participation of the BLD (Bukas Loob Sa Diyos) community.
  • Fundraisers that benefit the Holy Family’s Giving Bank and Filipino charities:
    o Rummage sale in the summer
    o After-dinner party in the fall
  • Filipino Story Time and Craft Sundays, a program for parents and children learning about Filipino culture and traditions through stories and craft-making.
    All are welcome to become involved in this group, make new friends and learn about Filipino culture, heritage and faith traditions.

First Friday: Mass and healing service
Second and last Sundays: Block Rosary and Divine Mercy Prayer
Third Sundays: Filipino Story Time & Crafts
Sunday after Easter: Feast of The Divine Mercy
Month of September: Holy Family Ministry Fair
Fall: After-Dinner Party
Month of December: Simbang Gabi
Month of January: Santo Nino
Month of July: Feast of Filipino Saints
Summer: Rummage Sale

History of the Filipino Catholic Association

Here are the corrected versions of the sentences:

  1. The wife of Mr. Ramon Lacson, Estela, started the Block Rosary/Divine Mercy in-person prayer meeting in the 1990s, moving from one host to another.
  2. When Estela died, Mr. Ramon Lacson continued the prayer meeting with 23 hosts. He also initiated the Simbang Gabi celebration.
  3. During the presidency of Jack Abrera, our first combined celebration of our two Filipino Saints happened in 2005, in April. Before the celebration, Jeff Corpuz traveled to the Philippines to buy the large statue of San Lorenzo Ruiz. They own the statue.
  4. During that Sunday meeting, we also discussed how we might acquire the statue of San Pedro Calungsod. May Garza, who also attended the meeting, suggested that we try to solicit from friends. She mentioned that she would try to contact her wealthy friends in Cebu to see if she could find one. The celebration feast of San Lorenzo Ruiz was scheduled for the coming Friday. The night after the meeting, May called one of her friends to solicit a statue of San Pedro Calungsod. She was able to contact Susan and solicit the statue of San Pedro Calungsod. Without hesitation, Susan agreed, and she went to purchase it, as it was daytime in the Philippines. The statue was chosen when she entered the store because it looked alive, standing by the door and ready to go. Susan is the daughter of the Go Thong Shipping Lines in the Philippines.
  5. Now, May Garza was considering soliciting help from someone to cover the transport expenses of the statue to South Pasadena. May’s husband, upon learning about her problem, offered to donate the transport of the statue by plane.
  6. On Wednesday morning, May called me and said, “Nong Jun, the statue of San Pedro Calungsod is here now.” I was amazed by the fast arrival of the statue and went to her house. I opened the box and found that the height of the statue was a little bit taller than me.
  7. I said, “San Pedro, you don’t want to be left behind in the celebration.” And so it was, the combined celebration feast of our two saints, San Pedro Calungsod de Cebu and San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila.
  8. To me, it’s a miracle.

Contact Jun Bandalan at fcaconnection@gmail.com

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