Lenten Prayer for the Days Following Ash Wednesday

Living Lent Together 

Gather in your Living Room, perhaps you have made a holy space with things from your Lent Kit or other items reminding you of this prayerful time.

Prayer leader:  Let us pause for a moment and remembering that we are loved by a God who is love.  Let us pray…

In the name of the Father …

All:  Amen. 

Reader:  Listen attentive to this meditation. 

Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.”

“Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.”   This saying, commonly used in 12 Step programs, reveals a real wisdom.  It can be a good beginning reflection as we examine the choices we will make in the days ahead.  It is very simple.  Our Lord is calling us to a “change of heart.”  And, we know from experience, that nothing will change, unless we change our patterns.  To expect different results is insanity.

So, what needs changing?

We start to come to know that by asking for help.  “Lord, help me to know what needs changing.”  It is often said, “Be careful about what you ask for.”  This is one of those requests that God must surely want to answer.

Then, we have to listen.  With a little bit of reflection, most of us will just begin to “name” things that make up our ordinary habits and ways of being who we are, that we aren’t very proud of.  Things we do and things we never get around to doing.  We can “feel” the call to change our attitudes, our self-absorption, or our way of interacting with others.  Perhaps a spouse, a loved one, a friend, a family member, a co-worker has told me something about myself that gets in the way of communication, that makes relating to them difficult.  Maybe I don’t take God very seriously.  I worship on Sunday, and contribute my share, but I don’t really take time to deal with my relationship with God.  Perhaps I’ve let my mind and fantasy get cluttered with escapist litter.  I might begin to name a number of self-indulgent habits.  I may realize I rarely, if ever, hear the cry of the poor, and can’t remember when I’ve answered that cry.  It could be that dishonesty on all kinds of levels has become a way of life.  One of the roadblocks in my relationship with God and others may be deep wounds or resentments from the past, things I continue to hold against others or myself. 

Allow a few moments for the words to penetrate your thoughts.  If you are alone, you might want to journal for a few minutes.  If you are with your household of faith, allow time for everyone to share an insight. 

Prayer leader:  Let us pray

The psalmist says, “You are always merciful! Please wipe away my sins. 
   Wash me clean from all of my sin and guilt.

Help me to be like you, merciful to others and to myself.  O God help me to make this Lent meaningful and rich.  We ask this in your holy name.

All:  Amen 

Listen to or sing, “Change our Hearts”  by Rory Cooney (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBDG_2gSOlQ)

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