Community Reflection

Can you believe Lent is already upon us? The post-Christmas season of Ordinary Time this year has flown by and hasn’t necessarily felt very ordinary. 🤣 With everything we’ve endured individually and collectively…with our shared suffering, sacrifice, and deprivation…it may seem as if our Lenten journey began last year and continues today. But, as Lent officially begins, may we consider shifting our focus from plans of years past to “give up” something, but instead explore how our relationship with Christ can grow more deeply. Yes, for some of us, that may still mean intentionally cutting back on some of our social media use, entertainment options, and other addictions and distractions. For others, Lenten practice may include affirmative acts of service and charity. Regardless of how we choose to spend the next 40 days, this Lent is a special opportunity to honor the suffering and death of our Lord Jesus, to prepare ourselves to share and celebrate His resurrection, and to make Christ the absolute center of our lives. Prayers that we do all things with patience, out of love, and for God’s greater glory. Peace be with you and yours.

— Joe Manahan (Trinity YAM Leader)

Ways of “Discovering Lent” This Week

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