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ality I forget this so

easily. I tend to be so

focused on what I am

concerned with that I

miss God’s presence in

my life. I become so

distracted by what I

think are my own im-

portant needs that I

am unable to see what

God is identifying as

my more fundamental

needs and his presence to help me with them. So I find myself won-

dering, am I willing to prepare myself for God’s presence whether it is

today or some other future time? Am I willing to trust, recognize, and

follow the Lord when he comes?

As we reflect on these readings may our faith and trust in the Lord be

strengthened, our hope enriched, and our openness to God’s presence

in our lives expanded.


Lord, help us to see your presence and your invitation in our lives.

May we be ready to see you when you are with us in ways and mo-

ments that are not what we expected. Amen.


Joan Ervin