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Advent Weekday

Isaiah 25:6-10A

Psalm 23:1-3A, 3B-4, 5, 6

Matthew 15:29-37


Today’s readings focus on God’s continual concern and promise to

provide for us.We are faced with the question, when the Lord comes

to save us will we be prepared to meet him?


Advent is a time of remembering and building up our hope instead of

feeding our seemingly natural state of expectation.The Christmas sea-

son can easily become weighed down by expectations when in reality

it is a season dressed with the hope fueled the past coming of Jesus

and the possibility of a future coming.

When I read Matthew’s recount of the story of the fishes and loaves I

see it as a story of hope.The crowds that came to Jesus were amazed

by the miracles of healing that he was performing in front of them.

They were amazed, not just happy that their expectation of healing

was met. During this time leading up to Christmas how are our hearts

preparing for Jesus? Are they dressed with expectations of certain

gifts or celebrations to come? Are they filled with hope of what might


The aspect of this gospel that struck me most was not the miracle of

healing or the miracle of the duplication of the fishes and loaves but

rather the point at which Jesus says “My heart is moved with pity for

the crowd, for they have been with me

now for three days and have nothing to

eat. I do not want to send them away hun-

gry, for fear they may collapse on the

way.”How could I forget that God is al-

ways concerned about my collapse. In re-