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we are responding to this beautiful gift of love. Are we modeling love, jus-

tice, compassion, and mercy in our relationships within our family, our circle

of friends, our workplace, our community, our world? Do we allow the real-

ity of the Incarnation, of Jesus’ birth, to impact us in our everyday lives? Do

we live as though we really believe in the gift of love which God has given


Over the next few weeks, let each of us be saturated with the message of

joy, hope and love of the Incarnation so that we can reflect the radiance of

God’s gift of love into the world around us.


O God of Infinite Love, you

sent us your Son to bind us

to you with love, compas-

sion, justice and mercy. May

our hearts be softened by the

gift of your Son, may our

minds be open to under-

standing what Jesus came to

teach us, and may our ac-

tions in the world make us

beacons of love, compassion,

justice and mercy in all we


We ask this through the gift

of love, which is your Son,

Jesus Christ.



Cambria Tortorelli

Parish Life Director