Feb. 15, 2017 – Current world events and climate changes cause suffering, fear and death. The National Academy of Sciences tells us that climate change causes severe weather conditions. All of us are affected by sixteen of the 17 hottest years since 2000 causing floods, drought, fires, heat waves, rising sea levels and more. In 7 African countries, 13 million children are malnourished. Madagascar (90,000 dying of starvation) – South Sudan (food and water shortages) – Nigeria ( 1/2 of population has no access to water. Already there is armed fighting to protect and acquire water holes) – Chile ( rampant and uncontrolled fires). These and other disasters are replicated everywhere. The earth, our children’s future, is everyones’ concern as is our concern for the officials who govern our countries, our cities, towns and villages. We need a window of hope. We need a renewed sense of values and respect for our families, communities, our earth. Let us care, pray, think positively and bless our children and their inheritance – the earth. “It takes a healthy world to raise a child“- Dave Gibson

Donna Gibson
Holy Family  ChurchSouth Pasadena, CA 91030

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