Holy Family is in need of Catechists, those willing to share faith with children, teens and adults.

Recruiting catechists is one of the most difficult challenges that catechetical leaders face! We catechists know that the invitation to become a catechist, while flattering, can also be intimidating. We’re not sure if we are qualified or capable of forming others in the faith. As a result, we often come into this ministry with a bit of reluctance, maybe a little fear!  Fear not my fellow Catechists, it is an matter of learning the techniques and being able to share faith!

Once we have established ourselves as catechists, however, we develop a confidence that we can now use to encourage others to join us in this ministry. At Holy Family we are blessed with formation and support for all our Catechists at every level.

If you are considering the call to serve as a catechist, we hope you call one of us and talk to us about the possibilities. If someone you know is considering the call to serve as a catechist, pass our names and emails or phone numbers to them.

Presently we need catechists and core team members for:

·       Our Religious Education Programs especially in Grades 1 and 3 on Wednesdays, and Grade 1 on Sunday.  Contact Colette at 626. 403.8118 for Cvillegas@holyfamily.org

·       Our Middle School Program, EGDE.  Contact Angelina 626.403.6118 or edge@holyfamily.org

·       Our High School Program–Life Teen, and our Confirmation Preparation.   Contact Marlene at 626.403.6149 or mpinel@holyfamily.org

·       Adult Formation  Contact Dawn at 626.403-6128 or dponnet@holyfamily.org

The best recruitment message is the testimony of a current catechist who enjoys this ministry! If that’s you, send in your comments!!!

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