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November 2020

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Holy Family,

What a year it has been! When confronted with so much that is beyond our control, our faith reminds us that God is ever present and ever loving, desiring all that is good for us, as the verse from Jeremiah states so eloquently. Above all, we are a people of faith anchored in hope.

Over these past months, it has been an extraordinary privilege for all of us at Holy Family to have been able to journey with you. We have worked hard to be there for you in prayer and spirit, through our virtual Masses, rosaries, and ongoing faith formation, as well as through our website, bulletin, regular emails and videos of comfort. We have steadfastly reached out with loving arms to embrace and sustain those who are struggling financially and in other ways during this time. We are deeply grateful for your outpouring of generosity, prayer and faith, which has enabled the parish to continue its many ministries.

Each November, we celebrate your generous stewardship of our parish, and invite you to continue to support the parish through your time, talent and financial resources. Your support is more important than ever as together we journey in hope through this uncharted territory. None of us are sure what to expect over the coming months—with one exception. You can count on Holy Family to be there for you, whatever happens to us collectively or as individuals.

Please prayerfully consider your annual contribution to Holy Family for 2021. Your annual gift provides a dependable source of funding for the Church and enables us to efficiently plan for the coming year. When you increase your gift, even by 5% or 10%, the fruits of your generosity allow us to feed and clothe more families in need, continue our virtual outreach and ministry to you, and bring the message of hope from Jesus Christ to all we serve. Please take a moment to complete the enclosed pledge card or go to our website to make your annual pledge or donation:

You are also invited to take part in our Virtual Ministry Fair. Over the next week, keep a lookout for short videos from our ministries, with parishioners sharing how the ministries make a difference in their lives, in our parish and in the community. We hope you will be inspired to get involved if you are not already!

Thank you for your faithful commitment and for continuing to walk with Holy Family as we look to the future with courage and hope. Guided by the Holy Spirit and with your help, we look forward to sustaining and growing the good works of our parish community in the year ahead.

Blessings in Christ,

Cambria Tortorelli
Parish Life Director

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