Below are our latest two blogs. The first is about our presentation to the Serra Club and the second is about our latest class.

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Jay and Candy Krueger
Jay and Candy Krueger

March 30th, 2015 – Candy & Jay Krueger were asked to present their diaconate journey to the Serra Club of Pasadena on March 30th.

Serra International is an organization of the Global Lay Apostolate for Vocations in the Catholic Church.Since it was founded in 1935, in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A., Serra has chartered 1,170 Serra Clubs in 46 countries on six continents.

Serra’s objectives and purposes are:

  • To foster and promote vocations to the ministerial priesthood in the Catholic Church as a particular vocation to service, and to support priests in their sacred ministry.
  • To encourage and affirm vocations to consecrated religious life in the Catholic Church.
  • To assist its members to recognize and respond in their own lives to God’s call to holiness in Jesus Christ and through the Holy Spirit.

The presentation started by going over our diaconate journey and then what the role of a deacon couple is in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. After the presentation, questions were taken about the diaconate.

One of most interesting aspects of the presentation and the question and answer session was how much is still not generally known about the permanent diaconate, what the role of a deacon couple is, and what aspects of liturgy, sacraments and service can be performed.

If God wills it, Candy and Jay will be able to serve the community of Holy Family as a Deacon Couple after Jay’s ordination in June of 2017. Over the next two years, they will do their best to continue to inform the community of Holy Family what a Deacon Couple’s role is as well as the training that they have received.

On Saturday, April 25, 2015, we continued our third of five years journey in diaconate formation as a part of the Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton class.  This class was held at St. Louis of France in La Puente.  Meeting with Diaconate Formation Director Deacon David Estrada, speaking of the changes that have occur to our formation. First change was the way the years will be referred to.  The first year will now be the Aspirancy, Year one, second year is Rite of Candidacy, third year Rite of Reader, Fourth year Rite of Acolyte, Fifth Year is Rite of Ordination.  This will improve the understanding of all who support those in formation with a streamlining of the verbiage of the different years, starting with year one.  All groups in attendance applauded the change.  There also has been a change in those who facilitate the classes, starting with the Ordination year.

We continue to be grateful for your support and prayers as we continue this amazing journey.

This class we met with facilitator for our next year’s formation, Kathy Lindell who went over our syllabus for next year. Here is a summary of what is in store for Candy and Jay for their 4th year of formation:

  • Baptism: Observe an infant baptism at Holy Family, read and understand the rite of Infant Baptism, Prepare an Infant Baptism for your local parish, and conduct practicums (a demonstration).
  • Ecumenical Reports on other Christian and non-Christian faiths
  • Prepare and conduct a Field Education Project – This is a project to enhance and existing ministry with a social justice aspect to it. It is expected that this project will continue after it has been implemented. Candy and Jay are to determine the project and present it to Cambria for approval prior to presenting the proposed project to the class for approval.
  • Be introduced to Prison Ministry including visitations
  • Become familiar with the ORDO (A document defining the varying aspects of a Mass including readings, vestment colors, and saints of the day.
  • Understanding the Rite of Reconciliation
  • Pastoral Care of the Sick including Anointing of the Sick
  • Demonstration of your ability to listen and communicate
  • Rite of Acolyte.

If you have any questions about what we have experienced in the diaconate (aka “that deacon thing”), please ask us or send us an e-mail to:

If you are interested in becoming a Deacon or a Deacon Couple for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, please contact:

Diaconate Formation Office

Archdiocese of Los Angeles

3424 Wilshire Boulevard, 2nd Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90010-2241


 Candy & Jay Krueger,

Candidacy Year II, Diaconate Formation,

Holy Family Church, South Pasadena, CA


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