• Producer: Makes coffee, buys donuts; makes sure everyone is coming; prepares the tapes; gets the tapes to the cable companies.
  • Director: Makes critical decisions about the shoot; directs the camera operators, sound technicians and the technical director.
  • Engineer: Makes sure all the cameras are set up and taken down properly; rolls tape and stops tape; troubleshoots.
  • Technical Director: Controls the Black Magic switcher
  • Production Assistant: Helps the producer and director by doing odds and ends.
  • Sound Technician: Takes direction from the director and runs the sound board.
  • Camera Operator: Puts up and takes down the cameras; shoots the Mass following the director’s direction.

There are eight teams of six  members video taping two Sunday Masses and our Daily Masses. An annual calendar is prepared. The teams rotate through the Sundays for the 9:30 and 11:15 Masses .  Click here for the calendar


  • Be a faithful, committed member of the team.
  • If unable to serve when scheduled, seek a replacement.
  • Commit to the Video Ministry Code of Conduct

Video Ministry Code of Conduct

  • We will honor God.
  • In honoring God, we will provide our viewers with the best quality product available.
  • We will dress neat and professionally when working with the Video Ministry, show-blacks (black Video Ministry polo shirt, dark pants and comfortable dark shoes).
  • We will speak softly and respectfully in the nave of the church so as not to interrupt the parishioners who are praying.
  • We will be responsible to be on time and ready to work at the call time.
  • We will act professionally during the preparation for and during the shoot.
  • We will confirm by email or phone that we will be present for a shoot between three and five days before the shoot.
  • We will support the team by helping one another set up, during the event, and clean up.
  • We will be responsible for the very specialized and fragile equipment.
  • We will not remove any equipment.

Skills Needed

  • Listen to directions.
  • Be open to acquiring new skills and learning from the directors and technical directors.

Amount of Time Required
A normal team member serves once a month. Each time we videotape the Eucharist, the team member dedicates about 2.5 hours.

When Ministry is Performed
Sundays at the 9:30, and 11:15,  Masses once a month. Other assignments for special shoots are made throughout the year.

Length of Commitment
Each year, team members are asked to sign up and recommit for the next year.

We do on the job training and some additional trainings on Sunday afternoons

Dawn Ponnet
(626) 403-6128

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