I was one of the seeming hundreds who crammed into the South Pasadena library last week to hear Fr. Greg Boyle share, in his inimitable way, what it means to live the gospel in today’s world. He speaks of the “circle of compassion”, who we let into it and who is left on the outside. For many of us – hardened gang members might not be those we would want to invite into the circle. And yet, Fr. Greg (or Fr. G. as his “homies” call him) manages to “humanize” each and everyone of the people he works with so that we too see them as we imagine our Creator sees them – as their real, best selves. They are the “neighbors” Jesus talks about in the parable of the Good Samaritan.

And, as I drove home that night, I couldn’t help but wonder who I have not invited into the circle, my circle. Sometimes it is easier for me to invite perceived “outcasts” then certain family members or those on the opposite spectrum of my political beliefs.
Fr. G. loves to use Blessed Mother Theresa’s words to explain the hurt in the world, “Sometimes we forget that we belong to each other.”

Ahhh – so simple and yet almost beyond true understanding.

Who do you think we need to reach out to and invite into “the circle”?

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