August 2019

A Pastoral Reflection from Holy Family’s Pastoral Council Chair

Holy Family Church is a vibrant, faith-filled community where Catholic Christians, friends, and visitors learn and practice discipleship through service to other parishioners, to the homeless, to vulnerable individuals, and to the community at large in Southern California and to those in need abroad in Haiti, Central America, and Africa.  The many ministries at Holy Family provide volunteer opportunities that embody our shared goals of service through faith, hope, and love.

Many of the volunteers, who were recognized for their many hours of service at Holy Family during the Volunteer Recognition Dinner in June, spoke about the new friendships, personal satisfaction, and the deepened sense of gratitude that they gained as a result of service opportunities in ministries, clubs, and community service projects that were offered at Holy Family. These volunteers gave accounts of the personal transformations that came about as a result of being involved in ministries that spanned the length of a lifetime from the Sunday School to Fifty-Plus Club and from Trinity Young Adult Ministry to Pastoral Care for the elderly, sick, and homebound. This year also represented the start of new service projects such as “Blessings in a Backpack”, the Cancer Support Ministry, and the renovation of the landscape at the front of the church. Each of these new ministries and projects serves to uplift, support, and spread the example of Christ’s care for those in need.

This year has also brought so many new arrivals to Holy Family including our new Priest Minister, Father Joe O’Neill, the beginning of the Master Planning Process that is necessary to design and plan future additions to the campus, and the hiring of a new principal for the Holy Family School.

Just as in the world and in the community around us, we have been faced with many challenges both within our faith community and in the country at large. This year we learned that homelessness in Los Angeles County is increasing, that many migrants have perished during the journey to the United States, and that more Americans are not choosing to be members of faith communities.  And, sadly, we have seen so many examples of the epic loneliness that affects so many people in our busy society. This year, we have come together to mourn the lives of those lost due to violence, suicide, and tragic accidents.  Yet through all of these events, we have maintained and continue to build a loving community where “All Are Welcome” at Holy Family. We have stood together to face with faith, hope, and love the many challenges that have come our way. As a family of faithful people, we stand together to continue to build, serve, and support one another in this journey.

We express our profound thanks to all of you who serve, provide, and contribute as members and friends to the faith community that is Holy Family Church.

Maxine E. Liggins
Pastoral Council Chair

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