September 2019

Dear Parishioners,

Once again, after nearly twenty years, we thank you for your support of the poor through Mission Haiti. Our annual appeal is the last weekend of this month and we look forward to hearing from Fr. Tom and Doug Campbell at Mass. They have had an extraordinarily busy year, as always, continuing to add to existing programs, cutting back on others, analyzing what works and what doesn’t and never becoming stagnant or still. They work alongside their Haitian staff with no governmental support, no monetary aid other than that what they themselves secure by traveling and speaking, begging and pleading. They will undoubtedly share more tales this month, some humorous but most of them difficult to believe as they describe the hardships their people endure. And, we know that the resilience of the people will be highlighted as well as what their hopes are for a better future.

We will share with you at Mass a glimpse of our Oblate priest who has committed his life to justice and working with the poor but one who is not always pleased with his calling. We will hear of Fr. Tom’s conversations with God, his frustrations, his fears and his fatigue. In his prayers, Fr. Tom begs for guidance and strength in the wee hours of the morning, sitting in his chapel with a cup of coffee. He says that sometimes he feels irritated with God and wonders why he has to go outside and do it again, day after day. At night, in his conversation with God, he gives thanks “for the help.” He knows that without his passionate prayer life, he could not do what he does, so he will not stop.

Please join us the weekend of September 28-29. We’ll have coffee brewing and the attention of God who always hears our prayers.



Mary Mather Nally

Mission Haiti Chair

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