A book for faith sharing by name authors

Nothing quite compares to the profound impact of a personal encounter with Jesus in the Eucharist. In that sacred moment, Jesus touches us in ways we cannot anticipate, bringing healing, peace, and clarity to our lives. Through his example, we learn how to relate to others and gain insight into navigating life’s challenges.

In the Eucharist, we commune with the same Jesus who performed miracles, forgave sins, and triumphed over death. Are you prepared to witness how he can revolutionize your life as well?

Beautiful Eucharist is a captivating compilation of reflections that delve into the profound reality of Jesus’ presence in the Eucharist and his active involvement in our lives. In a world yearning for healing and hope, Jesus offers solace and renewal. He eagerly awaits in the Eucharist to transform families, churches, communities, and society at large. And it all commences with your own life-altering encounter with him today.

Consider Beautiful Eucharist an invitation—an invitation to encounter the life-giving presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, empowering you to radiate that life-giving presence in the world.

Below are some questions which might be fruitful for discussion, journaling and/or meditation. 

Week One: Introduction-Astonishing

  1. Balancing the various components of Mass involves recognizing their unique importance and allowing each to contribute to the overall experience. While some may find certain aspects more enjoyable, such as the music or community interaction, every element holds its own sacred significance. Describe the significance of the various elements in your experience. 
  2. Participating in a holy hour of adoration, as suggested by Matthew Kelly on page 8, can be a deeply enriching experience. Adoration provides a serene environment for personal reflection, prayer, and connection with the divine presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. Experiences of adoration often involve a profound sense of peace, spiritual renewal, and a deeper connection with God. Describe your experience
  3. The author’s description of the Eucharist as a “super food of grace” highlights its extraordinary capacity to nourish the soul with divine grace. The graces one may long for during the Eucharist can vary widely depending on individual needs and circumstances. Some may seek healing, forgiveness, strength, guidance, or a deeper sense of communion with God and others.  What grace are you longing for?

Week Two: Mass was Boring…Until this Happened

Jackie Francois Angel recounts a pivotal moment when she resolved to fully commit to her Catholic faith, no longer content with being only partially engaged. Have you ever experienced such a transformative moment? If not, how might you pursue a deeper encounter with Jesus?

Jackie Francois Angel offers her insights on the Eucharist, drawing support from the teachings of the Catechism. In your own understanding, what significance does the Eucharist hold for you, and how do you personally engage with this sacred sacrament?

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