You possess untapped potential waiting to be unleashed. Deep down, you’ve sensed it stirring within you for some time now. This profound truth has quietly resonated within your soul, yet you’ve been uncertain about how to embrace it. But that is all about to change.

Certain ideas hold immense power; merely recognizing them can alter the course of our lives forever. Holy Moments is one such idea. It’s elegantly simple, remarkably practical, and once you grasp its essence, your life will unfold with clarity and purpose. The time has come to let Holy Moments reveal the boundless possibilities that await you. It’s time to embark on a journey into the depths of your soul and explore your fullest potential.

Below are some questions which might be fruitful for discussion, journaling and/or meditation. 

Week One Prologue

The book’s prologue recounts a timeless tale of the Hermit’s contribution to the monastery community, emphasizing his wisdom and insight. On page 8, the Hermit metaphorically compares the Abbot to a lake with the capacity to reflect the divine presence of God. Reflect on moments when you’ve mirrored the attributes of God to others.

Upon discovering the presence of the messiah among them, the Monks transformed their interactions, displaying mutual respect and self-care. Embrace the belief that Jesus resides within you; you are the Imago Dei, crafted in the likeness of God. How do you nurture yourself as a cherished child of God?

The narrative concludes with the Abbot offering solace to a troubled woman, advising her to treat every individual as she would treat Jesus. Though it may seem simple, embodying kindness, respect, and love towards others isn’t always effortless. Consider who in your life could benefit from your compassionate actions and genuine affection.

Week Two- Awakening


Recall a moment when you felt a strong sense that you had or have more to contribute. What did this feeling of yearning entail? How did you choose to address or respond to it?

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