Synod Results 2022

The Synod Results

Thank you to all who participated in the parish Synod process!

Below are the links for the Archdiocesan summary that was sent to the Catholic Conference of Bishops and the summary that was sent from the United States Catholic Bishops to the Vatican.
Under each link you will find quotes from the report.

Pray that the work of the Synod will renew the Church and move us forward on our journey to become missionary disciples of Jesus Christ.

“… participants convey the great joy in listening and speaking to one another with open hearts and minds, kindness, and encouragement.”

“Many people now have renewed appreciation and greater zeal for Mass and the Eucharist, as well as their Church community.”

“Synod participants agree that in this time of social upheaval and political division, declining Mass attendance and alienation from the Church, a clear sense of mission is necessary: announcing the Good News afresh to the baptized who are missing from our communities and going forth into the world to proclaim the Gospel to all peoples.”

“Youth… stressed that they should not be seen and spoken of mostly as the future of the Church, but should be recognized for their importance now and given a significant voice in the present.”

“People want the Church to be a home for the wounded and broken, not an institution for the perfect.”

“Many want to see Church leadership take more seriously the talents and knowledge of the laity.”

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