KruegersblogMay 31, 2014   This week our class was in Dominquez Hills. Our two remaining classes will be a closing all group retreat in Tujunga and our last class in La Puente.  This class was conducted by Fr. Frank Ferrante Myers, C.M.F., and Lillian Wood and was on Myers – Briggs Personality and Human Development.

We had read information about Myers – Briggs as part of homework preparation and attempted to determine our personality types. We started with this and spent most of the morning and some of the afternoon on this. M-B covers orientation of energy (extraversion or introversion), perception (sensing or intuition), judging (thinking or feeling) and orientation to outward life (judgment or perception).

The purpose of this training was not only to help us determine our personality type but also to understand the traits of the other types.  It was so interesting how our group was divided between Extroverts and Introverts, just about every couple had one of each, while there were only two couples that were the same.  Each couple brought a multitude of strengths, which enhanced the individual as well as the couple.

The exercise we did in the afternoon was to design a prayer service (memorial, reconciliation, post retreat or multi-cultural) and to use our knowledge of the various personality types, to design a service that had components that would appeal to each type. We can say from our experience at this was a little more difficult than we had imagined.  When taking into account the various personality traits and the different views of those who will participate in the different services, we focused on what would appeal to as many participants as possible.  Each group set up the service for their particular topic, each service was to focus on the topic, however, still appeal to all those attending, with music, scripture, reflections and fellowship.  Inviting the Spirit into our midst, listening to suggestions and ideas, giving each person in the group an opportunity to participate and contribute.

At the end of the day, each of the four teams presented the format of their service as well as the specific aspect that would appeal to each personality type. With this knowledge, all were able to design a service that would be able, to some degree, to appeal to all.

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Candy & Jay Krueger,

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