ignatius-loyolaOn June 1st, we attended our diaconate formation class at the St. Louis of France in La Puente.

This was our last all group meeting. The day consisted of the liturgy of the hours, a retreat and a closing prayer service. It was also the last time that we will see our Spanish classmates until the fall. The liturgy of the hours was very special because the Oscar Romero class was present.  It is this class that will be ordained to the permanent diaconate on next Saturday, June 8th.  (Each class is given the name of a Saint or other individual who represents the role of a deacon couple).

With all of these things happening, we decided to discuss what happened after lunch.

One of the lead facilitators for Diaconate Formation, Deacon Valentin, has been diagnosed with stage four stomach Cancer on April 11th. The doctor gave him two weeks to live. When he spoke to us today (more than two weeks after his diagnoses), he said that when the doctor told him that he only had two weeks to live, he was at peace with it. He had his belief in God and that was good enough. He was OK with whatever plan God had for him, that he had asked God for guidance and hope and help, explaining that he asked God for exactly what he wanted, to trust in his faith and to have his family around him during this time.  His conviction and strength shined so radiantly to all in attendance, all who he had met with him in personal on their journey into the diaconate whether in their interview process or as a facilitator for the Spanish speaking Candidates, love, compassion and hope surrounded Deacon Valentin, along with a great many well wishes and prayers that continue to stream to for daily.

One of the last parts of the 19th annotation is where we surrender to God and in our humility we accept the life that we have. Deacon Valentin really helped us to understand this. He is at peace.

We have only one class remaining this year. Our last class will be held at Valyermo (aka St. Andrew’s Abby) in the high desert near Palmdale.

We look forward to no longer being Aspirants, but being accepted as a Candidate Couple in Candidacy Year I. Even though we will start the fall in the Candidacy Year I class (our second year in formation), we will not be considered candidates until Jay writes (not types) a letter to the Archbishop requesting admittance to candidacy and is accepted into the program and Candy writes a letter to Deacon Craig, the Head of Deaconate Formation, saying that she supports Jay in his request for candidacy. We will become formal candidates on November 2nd in Mission Hills, when we go through this rite with Bishop Salazar.

If you are interested in becoming a Deacon Couple, please contact:

Diaconate Formation Office
Archdiocese of Los Angeles
3424 Wilshire Boulevard, 2nd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90010-2241


If you have any questions about the Diaconate, please ask us or send us an e-mail to wyb@wyb.com.  We greatly appreciate your prayers and support and will continue to keep you informed of our journey.

Candy & Jay Krueger,

Aspirancy Year, Deacon Couple Formation,

Holy Family Parish, South Pasadena

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