The 5th grade students at Holy Family School (South Pasadena) made this art work. The butterflies are the prayers and blessing of the 5th graders sent to the children in the camp. Let us join them in prayers and blessing for these children and all the children of the world

Crisis in Africa. Now four nations face starvation, disease, no food, no water, drought, terrorism, war. There are 20 million men, women and children in desperate need with 1.4 million children at immediate risk of death. Their only hope are overcrowded refugee camps. One camp, the Dadaab camp has about 500,000 refugees with more arriving daily. As a concerned world, we must send positive energy, blessing and prayer to these desperate people, hoping for political change,and world response to famine relief. The creative, positive spirit of all can help make this happen, If we are going to stop wars on earth, we are going to have to make war on hunger our number one priority.” David W. Brooks

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Holy Family’s Prayers for Children Ministry – Donna Gibson

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