Dear Parishioners and Friends,

Every November, as I am privileged to write to you, I always feel that it’s important to express how grateful we are to have your continued support. We recognize that we are a community serving together. Whether you are praying for us and those we serve, donating financially, volunteering or all the above, we are in this together. Together, we will serve the needs of those who come to our doors.

Every Monday I’m encouraged by our volunteers who come early to serve others. I thought that you might like to hear from some of them. So, I posed the following question to them: “Why do you come to volunteer?”

Below are a few quotes from some of our volunteers, sharing their reasons for volunteering with our ministry:   I come because…


…this puts Jesus’ words of “feed the hungry” into everyday action

~ Don Gibbs


…this is a good reminder of the fact that we are in community with the poor

~ Laura Escobedo


…because I am inspired by this program that gives food to the needy and helps others, both emotionally and physically. They give assistance to everyone that’s in need. I hope to do this forever!

~ Fil Romero


…I feel fulfillment and I feel the love in giving. This is like every day is Christmas for me!

~ Della Ruiz


…I like the feeling of helping others, it helps me too. I feel closer to God

~ Lupe Ruiz


…I come to serve the Lord and his people as the gospels command

~ Esteban Rocha


…Helping to put food on people’s tables is an uplifting way to give back to the community

~ Vince Tricarico


…I love the camaraderie between all the volunteers and what we do together for others

~ Dennis Sullivan


…I enjoy and look forward to coming every Monday to join the dedicated group of volunteers and staff at Holy Family’s Giving Bank as we serve people struggling economically and challenged by the economic conditions out there, as we serve food to them every week. The people we serve come from all different cultures, ages, from all the communities surrounding South Pasadena. We distribute well balanced nutritional food: fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, breads, everything!  It’s a very collegial atmosphere. I love coming every week! Thank you!

~ Michael Caccioti


…I know that the last couple of years have been so devastating to our community, and when God has been generous to us, I feel that we must give back. That’s why God provides, so that we can give back, and I encourage you all to do the same

~ Eugenia Furukawa


Thank you all for being part of our team, God’s team, serving the needs of the most vulnerable.

May God bless you throughout this season,

Marlene Moore

Director of Community Services

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