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Isaiah exhorts us to '
walk in the light of the Lord
¯?to follow the path God ordains. Therefore dur-
ing this period of Advent, Paul warns us against '
the works of darkness
¯ and to '
put on the armor
of light?put on the Lord Jesus Christ
.¯ We are called to armor ourselves against the works that
will lead us away from the path that God ordains for us. Moreover, in today?s Gospel, Jesus pas-
sionately exhorts us, '
Therefore, stay awake! For you do not know on which day your Lord will
come?So too, you also must be prepared, for at an hour you do not expect, the Son of Man will
Again, the theme of preparation and expectation is unmistakably threaded in the season of
Advent. Christ lovingly wants us to be prepared to see him and be filled with expectancy. In con-
clusion, Pope Benedict XVI exhorts us into deep reflection as to the reason for the season:
'The approach of this Solemnity helps us on the one hand to reflect on the drama of history in
which people, injured by sin, are perennially in search of happiness and of a fulfilling sense of life
and death; and on the other, it urges
us to meditate on the merciful kind-
ness of God who came to man to
communicate to him directly the Truth
that saves, and to enable him to par-
take in his friendship and his life.
Therefore let us prepare ourselves for
Christmas with humility and simplicity,
making ourselves ready to receive as a
gift the light, joy and peace that shine
from this mystery.¯
(Christmas: Pope Benedict XVI Spiri-
tual Thoughts Series)
Faithful Father,
During this Advent time of prayer and recollections,
We turn our gaze toward you.
We acknowledge our total dependence on your mercy.
Look with kindness on Holy Family.
Nourish us with the food of expectant faith,
Allow our hidden hopes to discover the possibilities that lie within.
You will bring every hidden hope to light and reveal our prayers of joy.
We ask this through your Son Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord?Amen
Ramón B. Barreras & Veronica del Rio-Barreras
Education Formation Commission/Toddler Co-op Ministry
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