Online Prayer Book - page 11

deep and constantly developing faith that we can truly come to know
His greatness and the effect of His bountiful love on each one of us.
Dear Heavenly Father,
In the spirit of awesome gratitude, we bow our heads in praise
of You and your unconditional love of each and every one of us. No
matter our shortcomings, our sorrow, our trials, You are always there
for us to lean on like the mighty mountain---our personal Rock of
Gibraltar! May we never lose sight of Your greatness. May we always
look to You for guidance and infinite wisdom. Your lessons are all
around us, but we need to be more aware in order to notice, learn
and grow from their intent and message. Please help us to be pre-
sent to You on a daily basis. Help us to look in the eyes of a stranger
and see Your refection. May we glean this from the compassion You
made evident in the multiplication of the loaves and fishes to your
faithful followers. Your love is truly unconditional and unending. Help
us to nurture our faith and constantly strive to live Your word and Your
example in our daily lives.
We ask you this in Jesus?
name. Amen.
Laura Ursitti
Grateful Holy Family Pa-
Wife of Rick, Mother of
Danny and Matthew
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