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friends, or aim for that raise at work. As hard as we may try to be
submissive, it often happens that it is US who feel wonderful as a re-
sult of all our work to these ends. More often than we?d like to admit,
we have forgotten ? or forsaken ? our main advisor and mentor and
Hence, in each of the readings on this day, we see elements of judg-
ment by the Lord, connected to great love upon the people?s sub-
mission. Isaiah says 'The Lord?s glory will be shelter and protection»
? that is
Zion gets its act together. In the Psalm, the people
as they go to God?s house, knowing that 'in it are judgment
seats». And Matthew teaches us that even a centurion can tell Jesus,
'Lord I am not worthy to have you enter under my roof.»
None of us are worthy, on our own, to be your children. We are told
to love and to embrace our lot, no matter what life brings us. We try
to, and we often fail, to give it all to you. May this prayer help us to
live a different, more vibrant and freer life under your protection, ev-
erlasting help and infinite love.
Patsy Hilbert
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