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cess we have in life, the more highly we think of ourselves and the harder it is for
anyone else to point out our flaws. We become self-appointed 'prophets and
kings, masters of our universe.
Jesus asks us to go back in time, to peel back that hard outer shell, and recall
our true selves. When we become like children, fresh and new, our attitude be-
comes unbiased and positive. Like a spotted window that has been wiped clean,
God?s love is allowed to shine through us unfiltered.
After Isaiah paints his image of pastoral harmony, he prophesies that a 'little child
shall guide them. This child is Jesus, encouraging us to look deep inside our-
selves, to see our common humanity, and recognize God?s spirit in each of us.
Dear heavenly father, thank you for this lovely image of your creation living in
peace. Help us to have a childlike nature and not to be so cynical and judg-
mental. Reveal your truth to us, and help us to see and hear it clearly. Amen.
Damon Feldmeth
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