DSC05127July 15,2015 – “Pray for us and our people” – request from Hands Together Haiti. Children and families are in peril. Earthquake 2010 – 85,000 still displaced; 2.1 million hungry; 300,000 child laborers [restavecs]; cholera – 9,000 dead; while celebrating 2 weeks of peace – 27 gunned down by gangs. These same problems are replicated in the slums of the world. Let us put our hands together and bless, pray, and send positive thoughts to this island and the slums of our world community. Hands Together Haiti has worked miracles in the slum Cite Soleil: 10,000 fed daily, 12,000 in school, 2,861 in Barefoot Schools etc. Yet the needs remain overwhelming. Others committed to help are Doctors Without Borders, Mary’ Meals UK, Americare and more. For more information about Hands Together, contact katlholt@holyfamily.org

contributed by Donna Noble Gibson

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