June, 2018 Prayers for Children. This month, we have a request from
mental health professionals as we join in prayer, positive thought,
and blessing for all children. For these professionals, not only is a
child's mental health a concern but now increasingly suicide
prevention. According to the US CDC, suicide is the 3rd leading cause
of death among young people ages 10 to 24 years. There are some
children as young as 5 years to 9 years old. This is a world wide
problem - all countries. Researchers at Vanderbilt U. found excessive
phone use, cyberbullying, social pressure, disconnection with real
people, poverty, abuse, drugs and more contribute to suicide. If a
child exhibits suicidal problems, call emergency services. Also call
Suicide Prevention Life Line (in US-1-800-573-8225). WHO (World Health
Organization, UN) has a booklet in many languages - Preventing
Donna Noble Gibson, Prayers for Children
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