Holy Family is a diverse, welcoming parish committed to building a Catholic Eucharistic community of disciples of Jesus Christ which connects faith with life and reaches out to those in need. Our Pastoral Goals provide a framework and foundation to continue Holy Family’s growth as an active and energized community focused on deepening our faith and spiritual connection to God, proclaiming hope and the good news of Jesus Christ, and empowered to lead and serve in love to one another and our greater community as disciples of Jesus Christ, made in God’s image.

Holy Family is an active and energized faith-filled community continually calling all members to embrace formation, participate in ongoing education to deepen their knowledge, and grow as disciples in relationship with Jesus Christ.
We will:
1. Provide meaningful opportunities for each person to encounter Jesus Christ through our welcoming community, parish Sacramental life and spirituality.
2. Expand and improve access to formation and liturgical experiences which engage young adults and families, including those with children with special needs.
3. Emphasize Holy Family as a place of welcome and faith-filled learning through all our communications and the use of life-long and age appropriate materials and strategies.

Holy Family is a community of evangelizing Christians in which every parishioner and parish leader embraces all those who are seeking a spiritual home where they can find hope, meaning and belonging through their relationship with Jesus Christ.
We will:
1. Create and/or identify and implement programs that will attract, connect and engage those open to a spiritual journey in our Catholic tradition, whether they are returning to or first experiencing our Catholic faith.
2. Expand outreach to young adults and families with children and teens, utilizing social and digital media, as well as personal outreach and contact.
3. Encourage and support all parishioners to embrace their role in building a welcoming and intentional process of evangelization.

Holy Family is a place where faith-filled members are transformed by their relationship with Jesus Christ and empowered to lead and serve others as disciples of Christ made in God’s image and love, the Imago Dei.
We will:
1. Inspire all to see themselves as a reflection of God’s image and to experience this same Divine spark in others, especially those who may feel excluded from the Church.
2. Provide opportunities for all, especially our young adults and families, to share their love in service to the poor and marginalized, serving as examples for a consistent ethic of life.
3. Form and empower lay Catholic leaders to understand and fulfill their responsibility as disciples of Christ to transform the parish and the world beyond.
4. Create opportunities for inter-generational spiritual mentoring and accompaniment to allow our young people to tap into the wisdom and faith journey of our spiritual elders.
5. Inspire generous stewardship to support our present and future ministries and programs and our vibrant Eucharistic community experience.

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