Dear Holy Family Parishioners,

In a telegram sent to the Archbishop of San Antonio, Texas, Pope Francis offers his prayers and spiritual closeness to all those affected by the tragic shooting attack at the Uvalde elementary school.

Likewise, we at Holy Family, are in prayer and spiritual closeness with those affected by this attack.  Sadly, we find ourselves, once again, seeking answers, praying for the victims, praying for peace.  We continue to keep in prayer those who have lost loved ones in the numerous other events like this one.

In the words of St. Paul, May every evil be overcome by good.



God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, we come to you burdened and grieved by the evil and destruction of violence, entrusting to your mercy each victim of this horrific crime.

Father of mercies and God of all consolation, who console us in our every affliction, comfort the families and friends of each victim, give solace to grieving communities, and bring peace to anxious hearts.

O God of peace, who are peace itself and whom a spirit of discord cannot grasp, nor a violent mind receive, grant to those who are tempted to commit these acts repentance leading to the knowledge of the truth, so that they may return to their senses and escape the snare of the devil.

O God, author and lover of peace, defend against every attack those who cry to you, so that all who trust in your protection may not fear the weapons of any foe.

O God, merciful and strong, be pleased to banish violence swiftly from our midst and to wipe away all tears, so that we may all truly deserve to be called your children.


This webpage is meant to offer support. 

  • We have curated several good internet resources, for formation, prayer and support (see listings below).
  • We are planning to have opportunities for people to gather in common prayer and for support (check back for dates and times).



Fridays at 6:00pm,  the Live-stream Rosary will, in part, be for the intentions of the victims of the mass shooting.  Click here to connect

Sunday, May 29th at Mary’s Grotto, look for tools for prayer

         Sunday, June 5th in the Eden Center -Teen meeting at 6:45-7:45pm in the Eden Center. This will be an opportunity to listen and talk.


You might want to talk with someone.  We have a number of qualified and gifted Spiritual Directors.  Spiritual Direction is an opportunity to discover who we are in God, to let go of what is not working, to fully accept our lives and forgive ourselves and others.  Please email Fr. Andrew Hedstrom at frandrew@holyfamily.orgfor more information or call 626-799-8908.


Internet Resources

Prayer Resources

Catholic Articles about Mass Shootings


Be sure to visit this website as it is evolving as we make plans for gatherings and discover more resources.

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