Jay Kruegerby Jay Krueger, Holy Family Parishioner

In the America magazine article “Night Shift – How I learned to take homeless personally” James Lang discusses how he is able to put a face on the poor by being an overnight chaperone for three homeless families in a program called family promise.

I was overwhelmed after 5:30pm when my wife and I went to collect the items for the Holy Family Giving Bank.  The yellow bin that had been filled a few weeks prior for diapers and wipes was now full again with items to help those in need prepare their Thanksgiving.

So with this generosity how can we put a face on the homeless? Seventh graders at Holy Family School help with the distribution of food and other donations at the Giving Bank on Monday’s.  Others help by giving out lunches to the homeless.

During this season of giving, please consider putting a face on those you are helping. We are all members of the Christian family and need to be reminded of faces of our less fortunate brothers and sisters.


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