Diaconate Journey continues… Peace on Earth

February 2014 we continue our diaconate journey… The focus of this week’s class was bereavement training, the first half of Paul’s letter to the Roman’s and a presentation on the encyclical Pacem in Terris or Peace on Earth. Since we and another couple presented this encyclical, we would like to discuss this. An encyclical, as defined by catholic culture, is “A papal document treating matters related to the general welfare of the Church, sent by the Pope to the bishops. Used …

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“Be a Lector!”

“Holy Family Lector Ministry would like to invite you to join the Ministry in Proclaiming the Word.  If you think you might enjoy being a lector, please join us at the next coaching session.  If you’d like more information, please contact Margaret Prietto via e-mail: maprietto@gmail.com.

Diaconate Journey Continues….

February 2014 While the focus of this week’s class was lector training and the works of St. Paul, we would like to discuss an item that was just a few moments in length but had a great impact on the day. This was the first lector training class that was held after the loss of our sister Tess. Sister Karen had put together a roster and was calling each of our names. As each of our names was called, we …

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App for LIFE!

ARCHBISHOP GOMEZ LAUNCHES VIRTUAL COMMUNITY TO SAVE REAL LIVES   Archbishop José H. Gomez, joined by health leaders, mothers and babies, launched a digital App designed to offer prayers, resources and support for thousands of women and girls nationwide in crisis pregnancies. Today’s launch, at Guadalupe Medical Center in the Los Angeles community of Koreatown (3020 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 219), coincides with the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade. “Today we are taking a big step to expand our circle of care and concern for unborn …

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February 15 Prayers for Children – Refugees

February 15, 2014. On the 15th, let us as a global community direct our thoughts, prayers and blessings to refugees scattered around the globe. A United Nation’s report numbers refugees at 45.2 million people. 80% live in camps in poor countries. They live in camps ranging from 46,000 people to 138,000 or more. This overwhelming number includes many children and youth. These are a generation of damaged children – no family life – no education – no health care – …

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