Mission Statement
Holy Family strives to meet each family’s needs as they plan a funeral Mass for a loved one. The Funeral Planning Ministry guides the family through each step in the process of making the funeral arrangements.

About the Ministry
Under the leadership of the Director of Worship, those involved in the Funeral Planning Ministry meet with family members to assist them in planning a funeral for a loved one. The funeral liturgy which includes the celebration of the Eucharist, allows for scripture readings and liturgical music and various other elements to be chosen by the family or other mourners.  In this liturgy and in the committal rite that takes place at the graveside, the church holds parting and communion in tension:  There is the final commendation of the deceased to the Lord, and the reality of the grave itself, as we console ourselves in faith in our communion with the saints and our waiting for the resurrection of the dead and the life of the world to come.  The rite takes these things and gives them powerful expression in song, word and gesture.

After the funeral, there is an outreach to those who are mourning for their loved one.  It is called In Remembrance of…This ministry offers a safe group environment to move through the grieving process. For information please contact In Remembrance of…

Funeral Arrangements
Call the Pastoral Center at 626.799.8908. Assistance with funeral, music, liturgy and other needs is available.

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