Haiti-PrayersforchildrenOct. 15,2013 – This month through prayer, blessing, positive thought, and worldwide concern, we focus not only on Syria but the children of Haiti. The UN reports in Haiti – 81,600 children are malnourished – 385,000 people remain in camps in deteriorating conditions – and there is increasing drug trafficking – cholera outbreaks – gang violence, and prostitution. But there is hope. Even in the largest slum, Cite Soliel, (yes, the children still eat mud pies, live in shacks surrounded by garbage and sewage) many children of all ages attend school. Young people graduated from high school hoping for college. Wells have been dug for drinking and irrigation. Trees and crops now flourish and agricultural schools founded. Let us hope this continues through the efforts of many including:
– Doctors Without Borders
– AmeriCares
– the UN
– Missionary Sisters of Charity
Hands Together – for more information contact KarlHolt@holyfamily.org

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