Pastoral Care: Ministry to the Elderly, Sick and Homebound

Mission Statement Holy Family Pastoral Care ministers to the elderly and sick members of the community with dignity and respect, offering compassionate care and encouraging a sense of belonging and connection to the Body of Christ through Eucharist and the people of God. About Pastoral Care Pastoral Care brings Church to people. It brings a sense of connection and belonging to the elderly and sick, allowing them to make a meaningful contribution to society. Over 70 volunteer Eucharistic Ministers  are …

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LGBTQ+ Support Group

Holy Family needs to hear from you!  Our next gathering is Tuesday, December 13  at 7:15 p.m. We are having a Christmas Party.  All are welcome! Our evening will be held in the Eden Center (across Fremont from the big tree, 1520 Fremont Ave.) If you, or someone you know would like to help us by voicing  our needs, help us vision, or would like to participate in a support group, please come to this gathering.  The following links lead …

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