coatsforhomelessWe are continually humbled by the generosity of the Holy Family community. We asked for jackets and hygiene items and what an amazing response. The looks of those who were the recipients of your generosity were in awe. “How could someone who doesn’t even know me be so thoughtful?” A “thank-you” cannot begin to express the smiles and hugs that were received on your behalf, but for now, it will have to do. We continue to pray for blessings on this community. A community that does more than listen to the Gospels, it lives them.

This photo is a small sample of the items that were received as part of the “Jacket Collection” that took place at Holy Family Parish, South Pasadena as well as eleven other Parishes in the Archdiocese. Those in the Elizabeth Ann Seton Diaconate formation class, as part of their homeless project, let those in their individual Parishes know about the needs of the homeless. The individual response that was made to this “cry of the poor” was overwhelming.

This event was sponsored by Onelife LA and took place at St. John Vianney Parish in Hacienda Heights. During this specific day, meals were prepared for over 200 homeless, hot showers as well as clothing and assorted hygiene items were made available. After dinner, a warm place to sleep was provided as well as a sack lunch was ready to take when they awoke.

One of our classmates summed it up this way, “We were allowed to be a bridge between our community and the homeless.”

Candy & Jay Krueger, Diaconate Formation Candidates, Year II

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