Holy Family Church Endowment Funds
Holy Family Church established two endowment trust funds in March 2001.  The first one is the Parish Endowment Trust Fund and its purpose is “Solely to perpetuate, support, and uphold the work of Holy Family Parish, South Pasadena.”  Through generous donations from the people and friends of Holy Family, we will be able to support our many ministries.  This fund will also enable Holy Family to care for and safeguard its historic church building.

The second fund is the Education Endowment Trust Fund.  Its purpose is “Solely to perpetuate, support, and uphold the work of Holy Family School, Religious Education Program and additional Educational Programs for Children.”  This fund will assure the continued education and religious formation of our children and teens.

By supporting one or both of these funds, you are ensuring that the legacy of our vibrant faith-filled parish will be enjoyed by future generations.

Planned Giving
There are many opportunities to share your financial resources with Holy Family while securing your own financial future as well.  You can give a gift of stocks or bonds, or you can include Holy Family Church or School as a beneficiary in your will or trust, your insurance policy, or your IRA.

Giving to the future of our parish assures that the vitality of Holy Family, which means so much to us today, will continue long into the twenty-first century. For guidance about how to include Holy Family in your financial and estate planning, advice from your financial and legal advisors is essential. The leadership of Holy Family welcomes your inquiry and will be happy to assist you in creating a giving plan according to your wishes.
Should you wish to include Holy Family Church in your estate planning, please note that our correct legal title is: “The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Los Angeles, A Corporation Sole for the benefit of Holy Family Church, South Pasadena.”

For questions on any of the above, please contact Shannon Porter at 626.403.6130 or sporter@holyfamily.org.

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